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TangoYa is a directory and social network for tango dancers, and a publicity and administration platform for all tango professionals.

Discover your tango vibe – easily find milongas, stores, schools, teachers, festivals and marathons near you, or anywhere in the world – any time! Register and pay for tango events, find and sign up for classes and workshops, receive important notifications, read and write reviews and contact teachers, organizers and other dancers – all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Whether you are a tango professional, a seasoned social tango dancer, or an absolute beginner – TangoYa is for you.

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Traditional milonga near me? Nuevo tango in Buenos Aires? Marathons and festivals in Europe?
Whether you're a novice, a tango professional, or just looking for a milonga,
TangoYa has everything you need:


  • Find milongas, schools, teachers and stores on a map
  • Find specific types of events using keywords and filters - anywhere, any dates
  • Read and write reviews for businesses, professionals and events
  • Like and Follow teachers, DJs, orchestras, schools, milongas, festivals and marathons
  • Let your friends know you're going
  • Message organizers and other participants
  • Book private lessons with teachers
  • Book practice rooms in schools
  • Receive instant notifications regarding events you're following (coming soon) and attending
  • Register for marathons, festivals, classes and workshops - in full, a la carte and in packages
  • Find a partner
  • Pay for events, classes and workshops with a credit card, debit card or bank transfer
  • Use TangoYa in your preferred language (English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Polish, French, Turkish)
  • Set up your personal profile (name, photo, about)


  • Find your tango vibe everywhere you go
  • Socialize with your tango friends when you're not dancing
  • Help your friends find what they're looking for
  • Discover and learn from your favorite teachers
  • Be the first to receive important notifications from events you're attending
  • Find, register and pay for your favorite events quickly and easily
  • Pay less international transfer fees
  • Put the 'social' back in social tango


Easily find milongas, marathons and festivals by keyword - wherever you are in the world.
Not sure which event to pick? Read the other participants' reviews!


If you have a question, please see if it's already been answered in our FAQ section below

How is TangoYa better than social networks?

TangoYa is strictly for tango. We do not sell your information to anyone. We do not bombard you with advertisements. TangoYa does not use preventive algorithms – we do not limit you when you need to reach all your participants.

Is TangoYa really free?

TangoYa is free for participants, and it’s free to list your event or business. We offer a full suite of marketing and administration tools to tango professionals for a modest yearly fee. TangoYa does not share your information with anyone, nor does it bombard you with ads.


Be the first to receive TangoYa news and updates – we will only send you important and relevant updates, and we will never share your information with anyone.

About Us

We are passionate about social tango!
First and foremost, we are developing TangoYa to use it ourselves. We believe that every tango event deserves to be listed, and every tango teacher and school should be discoverable, in order to give everyone a fair chance to create and find their unique tango vibe.
In many places around the world the tango community is polarized, and we believe that technology – created with the right intention – has the potential to bring the world tango community together.
TangoYa – one tango world – one network.

Get involved! Help us get ready to launch - download and test the BETA version
(at the moment available for Android devices in Spanish only)